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Take Back Your Life


Every year, thousands of people are born with, or acquire disabilities. While it can be frustrating, you don’t need to let it restrict you. Life essentials will enable you to take back your life. Our products can assist you in everyday and work activities such as mobility, farming, horeseback riding, truck driving, industry as well as many others.

University studies by Purdue University and the University of Wisconsin conducted case studies and Life Essentials, Inc. has a 98.8% success rate of putting people back to work that want to go back to work and also remain independent for longer than if they didn't use our equipment.

We can help you become more independent.


Your farm is your life. Why should a disability stop you from doing what you need to? Explore Life Essentials agricultural equipment.
truck driver disability wheelchair hand controls truck lift assistance


Forget limitations on the job. Life Essentials hand controls and lift access remove frustrations and leave you free to do your job.
residential mobility access lifts bathroom bed


Have the run of the house – move around naturally and easily with Life Essentials’ best residential aids for stairs, bathrooms and more.
auto RV wheel chair lifts hand controls mobility

Auto & RV

Get in and go! Our RV modifications make entering, operating, and living in your vehicle easier than ever.

Flat Bed Truck Mounts

flat bed truck mobile lift farmers truckers indianaThis lift mounts onto an existing flat bed on a truck or we can provide a steel or aluminum bed. The truck must be 3/4 ton or larger model for safety reasons.

The lift, when stowed, takes up approximately 18” behind the cab of the truck. This leaves the rest of the bed for a fifth wheel hitch, storage boxes, or a hydra bed with hay bale carrier.

The lift operates with a hydraulic lift pump for the up and down motion and 12V gear motors for the seat arms motion. It is controlled with a radio remote system.

Approximate Reach :
12’ High
14’ Reach (with telescoping Arm option)

Wheelchair Loading and Garages

The lift can be customized to life and stow a wheelchair on the back of the truck. The lift can bring the wheelchair around and get it close to the driver’s door of the truck for transferring from the truck to the wheelchair.

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