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How much does a lift weigh?
This depends on the lift you buy. We over build most of our lifts so that they will survive and work for the owner for many, many years. We see a lot of things on the market that the quality of materials are made to last maybe 4 years. We have lifts on tractors that work in the fields and sit outside that are 35 years old and still running strong. You don’t need a device you rely on to move you around wearing out or breaking down after a couple years.

Auto & RV Overview

Don’t give up on traveling. Outdoor life, camping, and roadtrips are all entirely possible with the right equipment. You can get back to the activities you have always loved with the people who are most important to you in no time with Life essentials.

Let us fix your RV! The Step Assist Lift, Seat Lift, Swing-n-Go Lift, and other internal modifications make entering, operating and functioning in your RV, motorhome or camper easier than ever before.

Auto & RV Mobility Products

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